2020 Gap Year Blog

With so many artists and arts organizations disrupted due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, and many events having been postponed or cancelled (including our own Studio residency program, which has been replaced with a Remote Residency for the 2020 season) we wanted to create a space for our former Residents and others in our network to share what they’ve been working on while in isolation or otherwise dealing with these strange times. To that end we’ve created this Blog, which like all of Roundtable’s 2020 programming will be on the theme of GAP YEAR.

Throughout July and August we’ll be posting work from different practitioners that relates to this theme. This will include not only new works in their respective mediums, but also more experimental projects, writing, examples or reworkings of pieces intended for events that have been cancelled or postponed, and evidence of any other activities that they’ve been engaging in during our collective gap year. Please check back regularly, as we’ll be updating throughout the summer.

Our goal with this platform is to not only adapt to and endure this difficult time, but to use it as a means of creating new modes and opportunities for artmaking, presentation and solidarity. We hope you’re all staying safe out there, staying creative in whatever form and at whatever pace works best for you, and taking care of yourselves and one another 💙