Nikole McGregor + Simone Northey // Speaker Consequences

Kelley et al. (1983) proposed a 3D model for closeness: interactions should be

frequent, include diverse activities, and include a level of influence. Since the COVID

lockdown commenced, questions arose around how we maintain meaningful

connections, whether they be between friends, family, or coworkers, during a time

of isolation and unpredictability. As friends and artists, the limitations of virtual

encounters brought us opportunities that became a source of inspiration for this

growing and ongoing project.

"The encounter" as a subject matter became relevant. In a call to relational art, we

want to share our intimate virtual space with the public. However, unlike relational

art, this project began solely for the participating artists, as a way to maintain and

develop our friendship when in-person contact is rare, if not unavailable.

The project consists of two parts: our weekly audio messages that focus on simple,

somewhat banal routines that become highlights of our days in lockdown, and the

videos or animations sent back as interpretative responses to these previous audio

messages. Once the audio is sent, its ownership is now shared between the two

artists, as our visual responses derive from the received recordings, as well as the

receiver’s personal experiences read into the recordings. Born as an attempt to

maintain that balance between structure and free-flowing creativity, the production

structure of recording, listening, interpreting, and responding turns into its own


This piece is meant to be shown as a web page in which the viewer can navigate

freely from one moment to the other, as a voyeuristic exercise, consuming the

encounters we are leaving behind.

Reference: Kelley, Harold H. Close Relationships. W.H. Freeman, 1983.